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Wolfgang Göritz

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Benefit from our experience in PCB layout drafting and build on our competences in PCB assembly by booking our production facilities.

According to your requirements, we'll do not only circuit design and layout, but also provide a competent materials procurement of components and boards from manufacturers and distributors.

We manufacture prototypes according to your wishes and produce small and medium series in SMD and THT assembly at budget-friendly prices. You can order the assembly of single PCBs up to complex modules and larger component groups.

To ensure best quality to your full satisfaction, we check the assembled PCBs in a professional visual inspection and test the boards according to your specifications.

Our services

  • Layout: Development and design of single PCBs and component groups
  • Materials: Components and circuit boards procurement
  • PCB assembly:
    • SMD assembly (starting from chip type 0201)
    • THT assembly for through-hole-devices
    • BGA assembly: all current types
    • Assembly of multilayer PCBs – also double-sided
  • Reflow soldering
  • Wave soldering
  • Lead-free solder joints (according to RoHS); if required, leaded joints
  • Flexible production of prototypes, small and medium series
  • Qualification and inspetion: visually and electrically
  • Assembly of modules and component groups

Technical equipment

  • SMT placement system MY100LX
  • Wave soldering machine ATF 33/33
  • Reflow oven: Full convection reflow soldering system SMT XS
  • Rework system: ERSA Hybrid Rework 600/2

If you have any questions, our competent and experienced production manager of the PCB assembly, Mr. Wolfgang Göritz, will be glad to help you.